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Windows 8 File History Time Machine


File History in Windows 8 is a Virual Time Machine

File History - Travel back like a Time Machine on your PC, Restore your Documents to Earlier Versions

If you have ever regretted changes you have made to a document, and would love to recover your document prior to making those changes or you have accidentally deleted documents, and not realised until months down the track; or somehow files or folders have gone missing,  then Windows 8 File History will interest you.

Backing up snapshots in time of your data, has never been easier.  Windows 8 handles it all for you in a very 'easy to use' interface that can be setup with just a few clicks of a mouse.  Restoring, likewise is a very easy and intuitive process, and can be done in a few short steps.

Traditionally backup for the home user, or even the small office home user has been a complex and 'not so easy' process.  Consequently huge numbers of people do not backup at all, they just run on luck.  Now with File History, Windows 8 users have the ability for their data to be protected 'better than ever', and once setup, there is nothing more to do, as the backup will run in the background without the user even being aware of it.

Interestingly, Microsoft has chosen to have 'File History' default to 'disabled'.  Therefore unless a person knows to 'enable' File History, and select their external backup drive, they will not be protected nor benefit from such a valuable and useful data protection function. See File History screenshot below, there is not much more to it than clicking 'Turn on' and selecting your drive to back up to.



File History by default backs up all documents in your Libraries, Desktop, Favourites, and Contacts. This includes all files and folders in your Desktop, Documents, Public Documents, Music, Public Music, Pictures, Public Pictures, Videos, and Public Videos. File History will automatically include newly added sub folders to any of your libraries. It is a comfort to know this backup feature goes one step further, and tracks changes to documents, which makes it possible to recover documents as at a given date, and even time.

It's important to know that documents you have open, and are currently working on, will only be backed up to the last time you clicked on 'save', however, unlike many other backup programs, if the backup is running while you are working on a document, your document will still be backed up (but only to the point you last clicked on save).

For those of you who would like a helping hand in setting up File History, we have a detailed tutorial available just click on this link, File History Tutorial

The File History function in Windows 8 is definitely a step in the right direction, for those people who have difficulty in understanding the backup process, or are not disciplined in manually running one regularly

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