How to Download and Install Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 7
How to Download and Install Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 7

Security Essentials is Free Internet Security Software from Microsoft, Follow these Steps to Install

1. The first step in downloading and installing Microsoft Security Essentials is downloading the installation file. To download the installation file, simply open your internet browser and navigate to and click ‘Download Now'.

Screen 1

2. Once you click Download Now, you will be given the option to Run or Save the file, click Save and navigate to the location where you would like to save the file. It will then begin downloading the file. Once the file has completed downloading, click Run.

Screen 2

3. Once you have clicked run, follow the prompts. Accept the agreement, and click Validate. Clicking Validate lets Microsoft Security Essentials make sure your version of Windows is valid. Once you have clicked Validate, click Install, this will begin installing MSE.

Screen 3

4. Once MSE has finished installing, it will ask you if you would like to scan your computer for potential threats after getting the latest updates. If you would like MSE to run a scan, leave the box ticked. If not, un-tick it and click Finish.

Screen 4

5. When you click Finish, MSE will begin to check for updates. Let it check for the updates, they are the latest virus definitions and program updates, they will help keep your computer protected.

Screen 5

6. Once the updates finish, Microsoft Security Essentials has been successfully downloaded and installed and your PC will be protected.

Screen 6

After completion of each step, your computer will now be protected by Microsoft Security Essentials. It is recommended that you run a virus scan, but selecting 'Scan Now'. A virus scan should be done regularly. Updates will happen automatically, each time you turn on your computer, as long as it is connected to the internet.

This concludes our tutorial.



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