How to Install Windows Live Mail in Windows 7
How to Install Windows Live Mail in Windows 7

Email Software is not included in Windows 7, Windows Live Mail is Free to Download and Install, Learn How

Windows 7, unfortunately, does not come with a mail program installed. Today we are going to go through the process of installing a free to use mail program accessible to anyone. The program we are going to look at is an easy to use mail client called ‘Windows Live Mail'. Once installed, we will show you how to setup a free online internet account, and how to set this account up in Live Mail, and also show you the email operation in Live Mail.

How to Download and Install Windows Live Mail

1. To download Windows Live Mail, open Internet Explorer and navigate to Once you are on the Windows Live mail website, select the language you would like to use and click ‘Download'.


2. Once you have clicked download, a window will pop up asking you if you would like to ‘Save' or ‘Run' the application. Click Save.

Screen 2

3. When you have pressed the Save button, it will ask you where abouts you would like to save it, by default, it saves in your My Documents in a sub-folder named ‘Downloads', so that is where we are going to save the installation file.

Screen 3

4. Once you have chosen where you would like to save it, choose the name you would like to save it under and click Save.

5. Once the file has been downloaded and saved to the directory of your choice, click ‘Run'.

Screen 4

6. If User Account Control is on, Windows will pop saying ‘Do you want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer'? Click Yes.

7. When you have proceeded to click Yes, it will come up with a window saying ‘Welcome to Windows Live, Preparing the installer'. Depending on the speed of your PC, this may take a while.

Screen 5

8. After it has completed loading up the installer, it will ask you which programs you would like to install, if you would only like to install Windows Live Mail, un-tick all the boxes but the ‘Mail' box. Once you have decided which programs you would like to install, click ‘Install'.

Screen 6

9. It will then come up with the installation progress. Again, depending on the speed of your PC, this may take a while.


10. Once the installation is complete, Windows Live Mail will pop up with a few options, choose which ones you would like, and which ones you wouldn't, and then click Continue.

Screen 8

11. After you have clicked Continue, it will come up with a page asking you have a Windows Live ID. If you don't, you may want to click the link to create one, which gives you an email account. Otherwise, click close.

Screen 9

12. To open up Windows Live Mail for the first time, click the start menu button, and look for Windows Live Mail it should appear somewhere in the list of programs above the start button. Click Windows Live Mail, this will open up the program.

Screen 10

How to Create a Hotmail Email Account

13. To create a hotmail account, go to and click Sign Up. One you have navigated to this page, fill out all your details and click ‘I Accept'.

Screen 11

14. Once you have clicked ‘I Accept' your hotmail account has been created and is ready for use. You are now able to sign into Windows Live Mail.

How to Setup your Hotmail Email Account in Windows Live Mail

15. On the first time you open up Windows Live Mail, it will come up with a screen saying ‘Add an E-Mail Account'. Once you have filled out all your details, click Next.

Screen 12

16. Once you have done this, a screen will pop up saying ‘You have successfully entered in the information required to set up your account.' Click Finish.

Screen 13

17. When Windows Live Mail opens up, it will say ‘Windows Live Mail needs to download the folders before you can read the messages in this account. To download the folders, click download.' Click Download.

Screen 14

18. Once you have clicked Download, this screen will come up. This screen is the opening screen for Windows Live Mail.

Screen 15


The Basics of Sending Emails

19. To create an email, in the top left hand corner is a button saying ‘New'. When you click this button, it opens up a blank email for you.

Screen 16

20. Fill out all your details and what you would like to put in the email. To attach a file, click the ‘Attach' button up the top of the New Email screen.

Screen 18

21. Once you have clicked this button, it will take you to your My Documents folder by default, choose what you would like to attach and click Open. Once you have done this, your file is attached.

Screen 19

22. If your e-mail is ready to send, in the top right corner is a button saying ‘Send'. Click the Send button.

Screen 20

23. To add a Contact to your e-mail account, simply click on the little arrow on the right of the ‘New' button and click ‘Contact'.

Screen 21

24. Once you have opened up the Add Contact page, fill out all the contact's details, and click ‘Add Contact', when you have done this, your contact has been added.

Screen 22

25. If you have received an e-mail and wish to reply directly without having to create a whole new e-mail, there is a ‘Reply' option. To utilise the Reply option, once you have opened the e-mail, in the top right corner there is a reply button, click it.

Screen 23

26. Once you have clicked Reply, type what you would like to type, then click Send.

Screen 24

27. To forward an e-mail, once you have received the e-mail and opened it, click the ‘Forward' button. This will open up a page with the received e-mail on it, but with the option to pass it on to more people.

Screen 25

28. Once you have opened the e-mail, where it says ‘To:', type the persons e-mail address in that you would like to forward the current e-mail to and click Send.

Screen 26

This concludes our Windows Live Mail Tutorial.


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