How to Import your old Emails into Windows Mail in Windows 7
How to Import your old Emails into Windows Mail in Windows 7

You have a New Computer, or Reloaded Windows and need to Import Data from Outlook Express or Windows Mail into Windows Live Mail

1. Before you open Windows Live Mail, you must enable your PC to be able to see hiden files and folders. Open "Computer" from the Sart Menu, then follow the screenshots.  Click on 'Organise' on the top left corner of the My Computer screen, then select 'Folder and Search Options' from the drop down menu.  Click of the 'View Tab' of the 'Folder Options' window, then ensure you select "Show hidden files, Folders, and drives" option as shown in the second image below, and then select 'Apply':

Screen 5

Screen 6

2. Open Windows Live Mail from the start menu.

Screen 1

3. Once Windows Live Mail is open, follow the screenshot below and click on the Menu Icon, and select 'Show Menu Bar',   this will show the top menu bar, making things much easier for finding your way around.

Screen 2

4. Once the menu bar is up, click on File from the drop down menu, then select Import, then Messages.


5. After you have done this, it will bring up a box with several options for which program you would like to import your e-mails from, make sure you select either Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail (depending on which email program you previously used), then proceed to click Next.

Screen 4

6. Once you have clicked Next, click Browse, and the following browse box will appear.

Screen 7

7. When you have clicked Browse, a navigation box will pop up, when this happens, you must navigate to where the e-mail's from Outlook Express or Windows Mail are. In this demonstration, there is an old hard drive with Outlook Express on it backed up to a folder on my current hard drive. To recover Outlook Express or Windows Mail e-mails, we must navigate to this folder. The ‘Owner' folder will be replaced with the username on your old PC that Outlook Express or Windows Mail was used on. Follow the screenshot. If your backup is similar to this one, the directory should go something like this: Backup Folder > Documents and Settings > your Username > Local Settings > Application Data > {Code Number} > Microsoft > Outlook Express.

Screen 8

8. Once you have found the location of your e-mail's and clicked OK, click Next.
9. Once you have done this, it will bring up another box, select ‘All Folders' then click Next.

Screen 9

10. This will begin importing all your old e-mails to Windows Live Mail. It will look something like the below screenshot.

Screen 10

11. Once all the e-mails have imported, click Finish.

Screen 11

12. In Windows Live Mail, all your imported e-mails will be located in Imported Folder > Local Folders.

Screen 12

This concludes our tutorial on importing emails into Windows Mail from Outlook Expres or Windows Mail

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