How to Download and Install Firefox and Security Add-Ons in Windows 7
How to Download and Install Firefox and Security Add-Ons in Windows 7

Using Firefox as your Browser can reduce the Risk of Scareware/Malware Infections

1. Open up your Internet Explorer Browser, and go to Google, and search ‘firefox download'. Proceed through to the first link on the page, ‘Firefox web browser | Faster, more secure, & customizable'.

Screen 1

2. Once you have entered this page, there will be a button there saying ‘Firefox 3.5 Free Download, 3.5.3 for Windows English (US) (7.7MB), click that button.

Screen 2

3. When you have clicked that button, it will come up with a box with three options, Run, Save and Cancel, Click Save.

Screen 3

4. Once you have clicked save, it will ask you where you would like to save the Firefox installation file, choose a directory of your choice and press save.

Screen 4

5. The installation file will then begin downloading, once it has downloaded and it says 'Download Complete' in the upper part of the box, click the ‘Run' button.

Screen 5

6. Depending on which operating system you are running, it may pop up with a dialog box saying ‘Run' or ‘Don't Run'. Click Run.

Screen 6

7. It will come up with the Mozilla Firefox Setup Wizard. Read through the information, then proceed to the next step by clicking the ‘Next' button.

Screen 7

8. On the next page, it will ask you wether you would like to use the ‘Standard' version of Firefox, or if you would like to use the ‘Custom' version, we advise using the standard version if you are a new Firefox user. Make sure the Standard box is marked. If you would like to use Firefox as your primary browser, ensure the ‘Use Firefox as my Default Web Browser' box is ticked. Once you have followed these steps, click Next.

Screen 8

9. The next page shows you the directory where Firefox will be installed, read the page and once you are ready to install the program, click Install.

Screen 9

10. Once you have clicked Install, it will begin installing Firefox, it may take some time depending on the speed of your PC.

Screen 10

11. Once installed, it will ask you if you would like to ‘Launch Firefox Now'. If you would like to, tick the box, if you do not want to, do not tick the box. Once you have done this, proceed to click Finish.

Screen 11

12. Once you have clicked finish, it will ask you if you would like to import your options, bookmarks, history and passwords from Internet Explorer, if you would like to, make sure the box is checked, otherwise, check the ‘Don't import anything' box. Once this is done, click Next.

Screen 12

13. If you chose to import your Internet Explorer files, it will then come up with a screen asking you which home page you would like to use, select the option you would prefer then click Next.

Screen 13

14. Firefox will then come up with screen showing the progress of importing your files from Internet Explorer, once that is completed, click Finish.

Screen 14

15. Once you have clicked Finish, it will open Firefox. Next we are going to install several ‘add-ons', little Firefox tools which help make your browsing experience much safer. The first step is to navigate to

Screen 15

16. Next, we are going to search for the add-ons we need to keep our browsing secure. The add-ons we are going to install today are ‘noscript', ‘request policy' and ‘adblock plus'.

17. First, we will search for the ‘noscript' add-on, to search for a specific add-on, type the name of the add-on where it says ‘search for add-ons'. Once you have typed the name of the add-on you would like to search for, click the green arrow to the right.

Screen 16

18. Once you have clicked the green arrow, it will come up with a list of all the add-ons that are similar or relating to your search. In this scenario, the one we want is the top one, ‘NoScript'. To the right of ‘NoScript' you will see a button saying ‘+ Add to Firefox'. Click this button.

Screen 17

19. It will come up with a screen with the name of the add-on, to install the add-on, click ‘Install Now'.

Screen 18

20. Firefox will then begin downloading the add-on.

Screen 19

21. Once the add-on has downloaded, it will come up with a screen showing the add-on and asking you too ‘Restart Firefox to complete the changes'. To finish the installation of the add-on, click ‘Restart Firefox'.

Screen 20

22. Once Firefox has been restarted, your add-on is installed and ready to go.

23. Repeat the process from number 18 to number 22 for both the ‘Request Policy' add-on and the ‘Adblock Plus' add-on. Once you have done this, you are ready to go and have a safer browsing experience.

This concludes our Tutorial on Installing Firefox and Addons.



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