How to Problem Shoot Sound not Working in Windows 7
How to Problem Shoot Sound not Working in Windows 7

Simple Steps to Probem Shooting Sound Not Working

If your PC's sound isn't working, most of the time chances are it's something simple. It happens to all of us sometimes.

1. Check if the sound is muted in the Volume application in your system tray.  To do this you need to click on the speaker icon in the right hand side of your task bar.  This will bring up a slide control for your volume, ensure you have the volume over half way to ensure the sound will be loud enough for testing.  If the speakers are 'Muted', then you will see a red cross icon beside the speaker icon, just click on this, and  the mute will be turned off.

Screen 1


2. Now that you have ensure the speakers have volume, you need to test your sound.  This can be done by playing a music or a video file.  Or alternatively you can open the 'Sound' option under Control Panel.  The easiest way to get there, is to type in 'sound' into the search box, above the 'start' button.  You will notice under the heading of 'Control Panel', the speaker icon with the word 'Sound' after it, just click on this to bring up the Sound window.

Screen 2


3.  Click on the 'Sounds' Tab, then click on 'Asterisk, then click on the 'Test Button' at the bottom of the window.  You should hear a 'tingle' sound.  If you don't then you will need to check cables as the next step.

Screen 3

4.  Shut down your Computer before commencing this step.  Once your computer is off, then gently and slowly pull the tower out, being careful not to dislodge existing cables.  Below is a diagram, showing the back of a typical tower.  All towers have the ability to plug in speakers.  Most towers have three small sockets of the same size in a line close to each other.  Usually they are colour coded pink, green an blue as shown below.  Plug in your speakers into the green socket (or the one that has a symbol for sound/speakers).


5.  Lastly, check to see if your speakers have a power cord, if so, ensure it is plugged into the AC wall socket, and turned on.  Now it is time to return your tower to its original position, turn on and test your sound again.

If after the completion if all steps, if you are still unable to hear sound from your computer, we suggest that you take it to your local computer repair shop, or, if you are in the redlands, unplug all your cables, and bring the tower into our workshop for our technicians to resolve your sound problems.  Click here for our contact details.

This conlcudes our tutorial on how to problem shoot sound not working.



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