How to Burn and Audio CD in Windows 7
How to Burn and Audio CD in Windows 7


How to burn an Audio CD - Using Media Player 12 in Windows 7

1. Insert a good quality blank CDR disk into your optical burner drive (do not use CDRW disks), when the ‘AutoPlay' window appears, select and click on ‘Burn an audio CD using Windows Media Player". Alternatively open Media Player from the Start menu.



2. Once Media Play is opened, click on the Burn Tab on the top right of the screen



3. Find the music you wish to burn to CD - on the left side of the window, browse through your library of music to view tracks, by clicking on "Music", you can see your whole collection in the centre pane of window, or you can view by "Artist", "Album" or "Genre" by clicking on these sub-headings.



4. You can change the way in which your music is displayed in the middle pane, by clicking on the view icon with a down arrow triangle (just left of the search box), this may make it easier to see lots of albums or tracks in the one screen.



5. Select and hold the left click on your mouse button on the track(s) you wish to burn, and drag the mouse across to the left pane of the window where is says "Drag items here to create a burn list" and release the click button on the mouse, you will see the track appear in this list. Repeat this process until you have completed dragging across the tracks you want for this CD. Please note you can delete a track from the Burn List anytime by selecting the track (under the burn list part of the window only), and then press the delete button your keyboard, this will delete the track from the burn list only, and not from your hard drive.



6. Take note of how many minutes of tracks will be burned to your audio CD, and how much is space is still free, by viewing the ‘Audio CD' progress bar, on this example we have 59.57 minutes free of a possible 80 minutes. You can choose to keep adding tracks until the whole 80 minutes is used up.



7. Once you have selected your tracks, you can re-order the tracks simply by holding down the left click mouse button on a track, and moving the track up and down the list, and when you let go, the track will then move to the new position in the list



8. Once you have dragged all the tracks you want for your Audio CD, and have re-ordered the tracks, then click on the "Start Burn" button located above your burn list, as illustrated below



9. As Media Play progresses through the burn process, you can check progress by looking at the progress bar located in the upper part of the left pane of the window, once the burning process is completed, your CD will automatically be ejected. You are now ready to play your Audio CD.




Congratulations, you have now completed this tutorial.


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