Windows 8 Basic Introduction
Windows 8 Basic Introduction

If you are new to Windows 8, and need couple of Basic Tips on the New Interface, Please Read on..

So you have updated your computer to Windows 8 operating system or you have purchased a brand new computer. The first thing you notice is that it looks quite different to what you already know. It is different because Microsoft has changed the entire look. Not since 1995 has there been such a drastic change in the operating systems. The new look is more along the Windows 7 smart phone with similar application buttons, much like a tablet format. It is designed to be user friendly with the Metro tiles being able to be touched by a finger to perform a task or clicked by the mouse. Should you have a touch sensitive monitor by all means try experimenting!

Windows 8 Start Screen (Metro Style Interface)

The windows 8 start page is commonly referred to as Metro Interface. When you log into your Computer you will see the a standard selection of Metro Tiles (Apps) already on your screen.  Additional Apps can be purchased through the Store.

You can customise the appearance of your start page (i.e. change colour and design pattern)

You can add or delete the Metro Tiles (further information will be available shortly on our web site).


Windows 8 Metro Tiles

As you can see the windows tiles are rectangular in shape and are designed to be used much like a Windows 7 phone that is in the market these days. Chances are if you have used a Windows 7 phone you will already be familiar with this concept.

When connected to the internet these tiles become live. What that means the tiles are updated as the content changes.

For example:

• The news app will be updated according to the information from the News Channels you are connected to.

• Your calendar will update and keep you informed on up and coming tasks and appointments you may have.


Windows 8 Hidden Features and More

Windows 8 App Bar

The app bar is hidden out of the view. This bar is used when you want to edit your Metro Tile. To access the App Bar – Right Click on any of the Metro Tiles and a bar will appear from the bottom of the screen. Refer the screen dump provided in this introduction note.


Windows 8 Charm Bar (To the Right of the Screen)

Charms are five icons that hidden from view. These icons are Search, Share, Start, Devices, and Settings. All you need to do is swipe with your pointer from the right side of the screen and these charms will appear.


Windows 8 'Open Application' Shortcuts - (To the Left of the Screen)

Your computer will automatically remember which applications you have used and store the file under another hidden bar. This bar when swiped to the left of the screen will open up and show you the icons you have used. All you need to do is right click and delete the files.

How to access the Windows 8 Desktop Screen (From Metro Screen)

You can also access your the Windopws 8 desktop screen (very similar to your Windows 7 desktop) from the Metro Tiles. Just click the "Desktop' app button as illustrated below, and it will take you directly to your desktop.  Windows 8 comes with your normal features like Mail, Internet Explorer, Movie Maker, Notebook and the rest.  However one very familiar feature is not on the Windows 8 screen,  in which most people will be wondering what happened to it, that is the 'Start' Button, on the bottom left corner, is missing.



If you are more comfortable using a desktop, similar to "Windows 7", then this is still available for you, just click or tap on the "Desktop" Metro Icon (shown above), it will take you to the familiar Desktop look screen, as we all have become used to:


As you can see above the start button is no longer there.  However, you can still access Explorer, and all your familiar programs from this screen.  For example by clicking on the Explorer Taskbar shortcut, you will open into the familiar Explorer Window, to get to where you want to go, as shown below:




This completes our tutorial on 'Windows 8 Basic Introduction', if you would like to check out our other Windows 8 Tutorials, click here: Windows 8 Tutorials

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