Finding Apps from Windows 8 Start Screen
Finding Apps from Windows 8 Start Screen


Finding Apps from Windows 8 Start Screen

How to find any Application/Program in Your Computer from the Windows 8 'Start Screen'


Win8StScr01.pngThe questions on everyone's lips, who are new to Windows 8 , are 'Where is the Start Button?', and  'How do I Navigate to my Programs, My Documents, Control Panel and other Apps?'. Well the answer is simple, the Start button, is now one great big Screen, called the 'Start' Screen.  From this screen you can get to any Application installed on your Windows 8 computer, just like you could from the old Start button, here's how:

The 'Start Screen' a Mosaic of Tiles, with Quick Access to any Program installed

The' Start Screen', is the opening screen in Windows 8 when you log into your computer, it is sometimes referred to as the 'Metro Interface'. It is made up of a mosaic of larger and smaller tiles, some of which show interactive data, such as weather, or a slide show of you picture gallery. An example of the 'Start Screen' is shown below. 


Although this 'Start Screen' shows absolutely no resemblance to the 'Start Menu' , which appears in earlier versions of Windows when you click on the Start Button, it is the screen that will very easily, and very quickly take you to any application at all, installed on your computer.  The tiles themselves will take you to the relevant application with just one click.  But not all programs are visually displayed as tiles on the 'Start Screen' nor are they all  meant to be displayed.  The true power of this screen, is its ability to take you quickly to all programs installed.  This is how.

While on this Start Screen, simply start typing the name any application you want to go to in this screen you don't have to click anywhere at all, just start tapping the letters on your keyboard, such as Control Panel, File Explorer, Word, Excel, Word Pad, Notepad, Paint etc.. The example we have used in the next screen print, is for File Explorer, simply type the word, "Explorer" and you will see the screen change immediately when you type your first letter, and Applications will start appearing on the left panel as you type your letters as you type more letters the number of applications will reduce. You will soon notice your App in the search results, as soon as you see it, just click on it one, and your Application will open. In our example, as soon as we typed the letter 'e' , File Explorer was top of the results list, and there was no need to continue typing more letters.


Therefore, in answer to your question on the missing 'Start' button, well it's not missing at all, it just looks a bit different, and it now much easier to find the Application you need.  


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