Shutdown Windows 8 in One Click
Shutdown Windows 8 in One Click
How to Easilty Create a Tile to Shutdown Windows 8 in One Mouse Click

Create a Windows 8 Shutdown Tile in a Few Easy Steps

Once you have mastered you navigation skills around Windows 8, you might be thinking the Shutdown button is a little too hidden, and you would like an easier way to shut down your computer, then this tutorial is for you.  Once each step is completed, you will have a 'Shutdown' tile on your 'Start Screen', and a 'Shutdown' shortcut on your desktop, so whichever screen you are in, you can quickly and easily shut down your computer at the end of your session.  Let's start with creating a 'Shutdown' icon on your desktop.

Step One - Create Desktop Shortcut on Desktop Screen

You need to start by opening your Desktop, if you not too sure how, then from your 'Start' screen, click on your 'Desktop' Tile, or press both the 'Windows' button and the 'D' key together, to open the Desktop screen.  Anywherere on the desktop background, right click your mouse, and select 'New', then select ' Shortcut, as shown in the screen print below:




The 'Create Shortcut' window opens, type in the text box, shutdown /p  (noting there is a space between the work shutdown and /p), click next.  See illustration below:




You will then be prompted to enter the name for this shortcut, type 'Shutdown' in the text box and click the 'Finish' button, as shown below:




The 'Shutdown' will be created and a shortcut will now appear on your desktop, with a generic shorcut icon.  To change the icon (shortcut picture) to a 'Shutdown Icon', right click on the shortcut itself, and select properties, see below:




The 'Shutdown Properties' window appears, click on 'Change Icon' button, if the warning box appears as shown below, simply click on OK to be taken the next screen:




Scroll through the icons to select the 'Shutdown' icon, and click OK, as illustrated in the screen print below:




Now that you have your 'Shutdown Shortcut' on your desktop looking like the part, just one last configuration, right click on the shortcut once again, and select properties, simply type into the Target field (as shown below in the screen print) the following command:

C:\Windows\System32\shutdown.exe /p

Ensure you have a space between 'shutdown.exe' and '/p'




This completes the creation of a 'Shutdown Icon' on your desktop, give it a go to make sure it is working by 'double clicking' your new shortcut.  You computer should commence the shutdown and turn itself off.  Then turn the comptuer back on, and follow the next quick step to simply pin your Shutdown shortcut to your 'Start Screen'


Step Two - Create a Shutdown Tile on your Start Screen


This step is very simple, on your Desktop, right click on your new 'Shutdown Shortcut' on your Desktop screen, and select the option to 'Pin to Start', and this will automatically create a 'Shutdown' tile on your 'Start Screen'.  See screen print below:




To check the tile has been created, press the 'Windows' key (usually located between the 'Ctrl'  and the 'Alt' keys on the left side of your keyboard).  This will immediately open your 'Start Screen', where you will see the newly created 'Shutdown Tile'.  Now it is time to test it out, just one click, and your Windows 8 computer should commence shutting down.




This completes our tutorial on 'How to Easily Create a Tile to Shutdown Windows 8 in One Mouse Click', if you would like to check out our other Windows 8 Tutorials, click here: Windows 8 Tutorials


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